We are happy to drive you around the country in our own taxi!

We drive you to overpasses or bring you back to your car
We pick you up from the airport
We take you to your party

Our customers write:

Dear Franz,

Once again, thank you very much for your quick help when you picked us up from Dun by taxi and thus relieved us of the strain of the long Via Alpina stage. In these midsummer temperatures, and yet already coming from the Olperer Hütte, we didn’t want to go another step further.
You quickly and encouragingly loaded our backbags and us onto the bus and told us lots of interesting things about Pfunders, its inhabitants, the landscape and the special features of this area on the journey.
If all the accommodation in Pfunders hadn’t been hopelessly overcrowded, we would have been happy to spend the night in this lovely village.

Many thanks – to our saviour – and best wishes to Pfunders!

Andrea, Maria, Elfi, Rosi and Sepp

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